In addition to producing his own films, Lambert also provides a variety of services for the art departments of commercial productions, generally creating artwork attributed to characters within the film, as opposed to backdrops or set painting.

This work began with the creation of the work of fictional 18th century artist Jonathan Fielding in the 1995 Trilogy Entertainment production of 'Moll Flanders'. In recent years he has provided graphic art items like maps, flags, shields and murals for such productions as ‘Vikings’, ‘Ripper Street’, ‘Into The Badlands’, ‘Love/Hate’, 'Calvary' and ‘Game of Thrones Tours’. He has also provided storyboarding for films like 'Intermission' and 'My Name Is Emily'.

In summer 2017 he completed the recreation of the works of artists Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell and the Bloomsbury Group, for the upcoming Virginia Woolf bio-pic ‘Vita & Virginia’ (2018).


STUDIO VIEW: Progress on the work of fictional 18th Cantury artist Jonathan Fielding, for 'Moll Flanders' (1995) - Acrylic and oils on canvas